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May 2016

 It's been a long, cold spring following hard on the heels of a very damp soggy winter so turning the field around for the new season has been a challenge this year. The swallows have been back about 7 weeks now and we are expecting fledglings any time soon. Unfortunately, the 2 pairs that make the packing shed their home have not returned this year, so, apart from the nesting collar doves, the shed is safe to work in at the moment which is a shame. We have a cuckoo around which has not happened for several years and the partridges have returned too. New on the list of pests are the two families of pheasent who have decided that brassica seedlings are fair game so even the seedlings in the hardening out area have to be protected with mesh. We have lots of slow worms and grass snakes this spring and the moor hens on the bottom pond are brooding their second clutch of eggs.

This week will see the fourth batch of seeds being sown, lots of salads, beans, brassicas spinach, late courgettes, sweetcorn and sunflowers together with the first of the winter chicories.

  Seasonal eating really rocks as it seems to enhance the appreciation of briefly available produce. Coming very soon are the first of the sugar snap peas, lettuces, baby carrots and globe artichokes. More to follow very shortly